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Gasper O. Guarrasi and his band are going on tour again this summer. The Gasper Guarrasi tour will start in Salzburg, Austria, the same place where Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart started. There, Gasper Guarrasi and his band will perform their recently created songs. These songs are very dear to Gasper Guarrasi because they were written during the time Gasper became enlighted to Zen. After the performances at Austria, Gasper Guarrasi's band will travel to New Zealand. After New Zealand, Gasper's band will travel to Rome and then Florence, Italy. Gasper Guarrasi and his band expects a packed and soldout crowd at each venue, so it is recommend to book early. A special thanks to Robert and Jim for setting up production for the latest album and music video. Hippies rule! And so does Blue Grass music!

Last updated on August 16, 2019

Gasper Guarrasi